5 thoughts on “Your Questions About How to Start and Run a Business”

  1. I have a problem getting permits for my new store in Nassau County, NY. Do you know if I need a professional with a license to paint a parking lot with handicapped parking lines?

  2. You are not required to hire a professional. You can paint it yourself. However, we advise hiring a professional if you are not familiar with the regulations regarding handicap requirements. Handicap parking lines need to be specific color and sizes. If you make mistakes, you’ll get a fine and will need to redraw them

  3. I want to open a restaurant. I found a cheap empty place in a run down location and another location that is an open restaurant willing to sell. What do you advise?

    1. I’d advise you buy the restaurant that is already open. Since you are new in this business, you probably don’t know many laws regulating restaurant operations. There are a lot and some are not obvious to the inexperienced, Once you know better, you can find empty places and do everything from scratch by yourself

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